How Mindfulness Supports Mental Health

You may have heard the term ‘mindfulness’ bounced around in mental health discussions and forums, especially in recent times. But what is ‘mindfulness’ and how does it work for improving your mental health?Let’s take a look.  What is ‘mindfulness’? Mindfulness is the practice of calmly and attentively focusing our awareness inward, to everything we’re thinking, […]

How Strength Training Helps an Aging Body

Getting older is a natural part of life that a lot of people actively try to avoid, because ageing is often associated with frailty, dependence, and health problems. While it’s true that our bodies naturally start losing muscle mass once we hit the 30-year mark (generally at a rate of 5% per decade), this isn’t […]

Pain Management for Desk Work

Picture this, you are spending the day working hard at your desk, you finish for the day and go to stand up. All of the sudden it hits you, that dull achy feeling when your joints are stiff, and your muscles are sore. Has this ever been you? You aren’t alone. So you may be […]

How to Boost Your Immune System

The human body is an amazingly complex and resilient thing. Our immune systems are generally a force unto themselves, but there are ways you can help your body’s natural defences before, during, and after battle. WHAT IS AN IMMUNE SYSTEM? To put a complex explanation simply, our immune systems are a collection of cells and […]

6 Ways to Exercise at Home

Whether your self-isolating right now or you’re simply an avid introvert, there are loads of great workouts you can put together using the spaces around your home and getting a little creative. Finding motivation to do a home workout is often the biggest hurdle people face, because the couch is calling to them, the fridge […]

Beginners Guide to Meditation

These days meditation has become a wellness modality we can all benefit from in so many ways! Even more today as many of us are over stimulation in this digital age. Everyone from school kids to busy entrepreneurs to retirees can gain benefits such as significantly less stress, more focus and a feeling of ease […]

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

While massage is generally considered part of complementary and alternative medicine, it is increasingly being offered along with standard treatment for a wide range of medical conditions and situations. Research into the many health benefits of massage will help you put aside any thoughts that massage is only an indulgence. The following are ten physical […]

Spring Self Care

As we approach Spring the shift through seasons creates changes in our own chemistry, and it’s helpful to navigate this time of year mindfully. By doing so, you can create a lovely, nurturing relationship with the various changes and transitions you experience, ensuring you feel refreshed, nourished & more energised as you rise & expand […]

You Already Know Anatomy

At every moment your nerves are jumping, you’re heart’s pumping and, if your nerves are not telling you how your heart’s doing, you are in big trouble. See? Knowledge, information, about how you’re doing, where and why, is constantly circulating through you or you’d be you no longer. Plato said that acquiring of knowledge is […]

Functional Movement Screening

What  is Functional Movement Screening? Functional movement screening is a framework invented in 1995 to look at ones biomechanics objectively and ensure we are moving correctly in the most helpful way for our entire physiology to function how it is meant to. As babies our mind and body are moulded from our family environment and lifestyle. As we get […]