Functional Movement Screening

What  is Functional Movement Screening?

Functional movement screening is a framework invented in 1995 to look at ones biomechanics objectively and ensure we are moving correctly in the most helpful way for our entire physiology to function how it is meant to.

As babies our mind and body are moulded from our family environment and lifestyle. As we get older if we overuse certain muscle groups or over stretch others from being in certain positions and performing repetitive motions we can become out of balance. This can eventually result in injury or chronic pain. Function movement screening provides a bases from which we can tell if a person is moving and functioning correctly or are using unhelpful movement patterns.

How do you perform a Functional Movement Screening ?

Seven basic functional movement patterns are used to collect scores which are then used to determine movement limitations and asymmetries. Each movement is designed to show mobility, stability, and asymmetries between right and left sides of the body.  Each basic movement is measured and scored to assess overall function.

When should a Functional Movement Screening be performed ?

Functional movement screening should be performed prior to developing a fitness program or to identify the appropriate corrective treatment program.

As a Massage Therapist I perform a Functional Movement Screening on a client to identify the areas of the body that need releasing as well as what corrective exercises to recommend. It also ensures there are no structural injuries that need specialised treatment out of my scope.

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