Spring Self Care

As we approach Spring the shift through seasons creates changes in our own chemistry, and it’s helpful to navigate this time of year mindfully. By doing so, you can create a lovely, nurturing relationship with the various changes and transitions you experience, ensuring you feel refreshed, nourished & more energised as you rise & expand into the warmer months.

The following can support you:

1. MEDITATION: Take a little time each morning preferably, to sit with yourself and note your own feelings and experiences. Once you’re there, work on creating a safe space for yourself to feel whatever you’re feeling without trying to change it. Listening to and feeling your breath in your body can help with this. This nonjudgemental approach can help move you through and past any stagnant thoughts or feelings.

2. AVOID SLEEPING AFTER SUNRISE: and practice waking up early and going for a walk or doing some yoga sun salutations.

3. DRINK WARM WATER WITH LEMON to cleanse the digestive tract and get the digestive fire moving

4. MOVE GENTLY & OFTEN during the day: Coming into your body during the day with a few twists, forward folds or side bends helps send the message to your nervous system that you’re safe enabling you to feel balanced and clear throughout the day.

5. DRINK WARM HERBAL TEAS that will improve digestion and metabolism such as ginger, fennel and mint

6. DRY BRUSH YOUR SKIN to clear pores and activate the skin to assist in its cleansing process and increase blood circulation. It also stimulates the sweat glands which provides moisture for the skin

7. PRACTICE ABHYANGA (Self oil massage) : an act of self care and self love by massaging your whole body with warm oil before having a bath or shower. This practice has many benefits including calming nerves, increasing circultaion, imparting muscle tone and moves the lymph, which helps with detoxification.

8. Try using HERBS & SPICES in your cooking: turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, parsley, mint and sage to improve digestion and balance metabolism.

I hope that helps you during the spring transition.

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