Melinda’s goal is to guide you through your journey of health and well being with massage therapy and body work.
She studied and graduated from the Nevada school of massage therapy where I had the opportunity to learn the anatomy of the body and how to work with muscle tissue and fascia to help ease pain, relieve stress and correct dysfunctions to help you become a healthy happier version of yourself. Since she graduated she has been traveling to satisfy her never ending desire to learn modalities and skills that she brings to her practice.
Using techniques from several modalities from all corners of the globe she work’s with you to create a relaxing custom bodywork session for pain management, injury rehabilitation, improved flexibility, mobility and circulation. Through the physical work you are also able to tap into your inner self and focus on quieting the mind so that you can reconnect, ground and re centre yourself. Her goal is to provide you with a total mind, body and spirit experience to leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated.